Suitability of WD Passport for Simple Backups

I am thinking of buying a 2TB WD Passport for backing up files from two household PCs. I’m not interested in fancy backup software or continuous backup - just a container for files from both PCs that I would back up periodically - maybe 2-4 times a month. Data files on both computers are currently backed up daily to a cloud system, and I will continue to use that system. Is the WD Passport a suitable device for this backup plan? I just want the device to show up as an additional drive on each PC when it is connected.

Hi yes they work well. I am a big fan of the portable drive’s as they use a laptop drive which can take more heat. I also never use the backup software I just plug it in and send files to it never a problem. One thing I do like is the plug that goes into the drive is not some small tiny plug it is bigger so less chance of it messing up although I never unplug it from the drive only the USB end.

I would suggest a drive Like Elements that is  simple plug and play drive. It does not have the hardware encryption that drives with Smartware use. Also make sure thisn’t your only copy of important data.


Hi I wonder why when I use them I don’t need to install any software or driver’s and they work fine. Is there a problem using them this way. I use one on 4 different PC’s and it is the same no problems. Do they really need a driver installed to work properly if you don’t encrypt your data. Maybe you could point me to a page that would list problems and why you need to install any of the software that comes with the drive. I am just going by what WD has posted.

Thank You