Suggestions needed on sorting media server files

I’ve struggling with a sorting and view issue the past two days after replaceing a laptop with the WDTV Live and a 3TB drive plugged into a Linksys E4200.

I have several directories shared on the drive but only want to use Pictures, Music, Movies and TVShows on the WDLive. Movies and TV are subdirs of Video. Each TV show has it’s own dir.  If I set WDLive Video to Network Shared it gives me all shared folders and I have drill down to the correct folder.  This method has two problems. It doesn’t seem to stream well (it coud be because it is taking forever to compile a library), the thumbnails take a few seconds to start popping up.

I have set the folders to the media library.

It would seem that using the Media server method would best but I have a few issues here.  The Linksys media server displays everything in its scan directory at once. There is no way to select indivdual directories (i.e. Video->Movies/TvShows, Music->Music, etc.).  Also, the media method has different views to choose from.  I like the shared views for movies because they show metadata. The media server also displays the timelength in some of the titles which is ugly. Although, the media server omits empty directories from being display, which is really nice.

Am I doing this wrong or is there a better way.

What I want

  • is to be able to setup link specific directories on my server to the WDlive categories without having to jump around unwanted directories. 
  • Have a decent view with metadata. 
  • Have the media play properly without stopping or stuttering.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi, If you access the 3TB using the Linksys media server it will scan and organize the files for you, if you access the 3TB as a shared folder it will let you explore all of the folders manually, but it is not possible to save specify links to directories.