Suggestions for improvemetns

  1. confirmation of data transfers. Data transfers are very slow over the air even though i am using a 5GHz wifi network. Most of the files i have tried to transer take hours and end up running overnight. The problem is when the transfer is complete there is no verification that the files were successfully transferred. After checking one by one i found missing files. (going to try USB 3.0 next)

  2. the file display is hard to use. suggest making the display look more like windows and/or mac

  3. searching files is not user friendly.

  4. MyCloud App is difficulty to use. I found it easier to use use the default windows file viewer and drag and drop files.

  5. Need a built in capability that shows where the large files are. Something that visualizes the data in a way that makes it easy to track down the largest files

  6. when transferring files to mycloud, it is challenging to move around the drive and look at other files on the drive. seems like all processing capability is used for a data transfer.

Post your suggestions to the Cloud Ideas forum which may already have some of the suggestions you’ve made.

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