Suggestions For Good Reliable & Value Priced IDE WD Hard Drive

Hello everyone,

I am a system admin in charge of 70+ computers.  I had previously thought that the WD1600AAJB hard drives I purchased would be good for replacing the drives in my older IBM computers, but I have found that that is not the case (see post here). 

I would like to ask for suggestions for a good reliable model WD IDE hard drive I can use to replace the drives in my older IBM workstations.  These workstations will be running Windows 7, 32 bit.  The drives do not have to be huge performance monsters.  I am not interested in the “green” line as I see there still are some problems with those.  What I need is proven reliability at the above stated configuration at an affordable price (<$75 if possible).   With your suggestions, please provide model numbers.

I have come to find that you can research to death a particular model hard drive, but not really know whether it is good or not.  That is why I am coming to this forum where the experts in WD hard drives hang out.

Thank you very much for taking the time to give me some direction.


If the blue line was not good for your computer, you can try the Caviar Black line.