Suggestions for DVD Ripping Software?

I have a WD EX2 Ultra which I am moving some music, photos and a few DVD movies to. Been doing some research, but wanted to get some input from the WD community. Any suggestions for DVD movie ripping software so I can move a few movies to my WD EX2 and then view on my Samsung TV using Plex?


This is a complex process involving special software. Your best bet is to google the topic for suggestions.

Thank you, mike27oct! As I stated, I have already done that, but just want to see if anyone here had any suggestions.

OK, I recommend AnyDVD HD, for quality and ease of use. Like any good product, it will cost you. I have used it for many years to create playable ISO files I can play on my WDTV player (or play with Kodi) It can be found at

Using other programs I can convert ISO files to MKV or use Handbrake to make mp4/m4v files to play on my iOS devices.

I will definitely check this one out. One I had been looking at is DVDRipper Pro from WonderFox. I thought maybe it was from the same place, but yours is redfox! Thank you!