Suggestion: Support series without a season and mini-series in video media library

I’ve had my WD TV Live Hub 2TB for about six months now, and I’m really enjoying being able to store and view my movies on it. But the Media Library leaves a whole lot to be desired. I have explored the .xml files and determined there are two types: 1 for movies, and 1 for TV. The TV format is very nice because I can manually create series (movie series, mini-series, and multi-season TV series). The problem is that for movie series and mini-series, there’s no way to bypass the season page and go from Series Title to Episodes directly. It’s rather annoying.

Also, the media library sorts on the first word in the title, regardless of the word. If the first word is “The” or “A(n)”, it should sort using the second word. As it is now, I edit the .xml to change the title to put “the” and “a(n)” at the end of the title following a comma. This looks so unprofessional!

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but its of no use making suggestions for the hub as it is no longer in production and there will probably not be any more updates.