Suggestion: Drop the 'THE'

Another feature request would be to ignore the ‘THE’ from video file names. So titles like ‘The Godfather’ show up with the titles under the letter ‘G’ rather than after the letter ‘S’.


Yes please, along with the ability to backup the media library to something.

Yoy can copy the  metadata folder from the internal hd to your computer then you’ll have a full backup of the media library :wink:

Yes, ignore the word THE when sorting titles would not only be amazing, it should be like that since most software do this today.

To be honest I can’t believe it doesn’t do this already. Atleast with wd live you could rename, but if u want the data it names it for you. Please make it so

This isn’t up to the device- it’s up to the user. If you name your movie “The Movie” it will come up under T. If you name it “Movie, The” it will show up under M. If your movies are not properly named, try something like theRenamer to rename your files so they appear properly on a media device (this will be the same on pretty much any media player)

Aardvark, you’re right…  But if you do “Get Content Info” on it, your OWN name is no longer used; it’s back to being sorted by “The” first.   I think that’s the previous poster’s point…

YES, Please, Please. Ignore “The” on sorting.

This is the only silly device I have that does not already do this.

As it is now, You kind of have two halves of the library.  An alphabetical list of stuff the cretors did not use a “The” on, and a second list of movies all sub-alphabetical under “The”.

Very silly.

To Frillen: Have you ever tried restoring to the metadata folder? I haven’t yet had to.

I can tell you that this device keeps quite a bit of information in a secret place outside the visible metadata folder.

Try for example adding a description tag in a metadata XML file. That works.

But try adding a Genre to a movie without one. That does NOT work. The Genre shows up on the screen, but is not used internally, if you for example sort by Genre.

So there is a second list we have no direct access to through a shared drive.

Change the title at tmdb to “Title, The” then re-get content?

It looks like you can edit most things at tmdb except the title.

To Riddle:

No I haven’t tried restoring the metadata folder.

I’m a bit confused as to why they thought neccesary to put meta information on a hidden partion, this beats the whole purpose of making things easy and user friendly… What a bummer.


 I took a chance and played around with the xml files, added a genre to a movie that didn’t have one, moved all my movies to a new location, changed the file paths in the movie.xml accordingly.

The main key to make all these changes reflect in the hidden media library is to have it rebuilt.

I then went to Setup/System/Media Library and then selected Clear Media Library  which rebuilt the media library(took a few minutes) and then everything worked just like I intended it to.

I have even tried deleting the metadata folder, creating new meta data then delete it, restoring the old one, and it worked like charm.

So yes, it seems like you can restore the metadata from a backup file and even add things to the xml files and have it reflected in the hidden media library :slight_smile:

To Frillen: Thanks for that test, I am glad to hear that there seem to be some method  to the madness (that it does not kill or fail to re-use the existing metadata folder data when asked to “Clear library”. :stuck_out_tongue: )…

Personally, I did not dare clearing anything. I set up a regular mirroring of the metadata folder(s) to another system, just in case. Even after seeing, that my edits to Genre did not matter much to the Hub, I felt safer having it. The ultimate fix to the information anyway was to edit on TMDB and reload from there.

But clearing the library of data, while having around 500 movies sitting on the Live Hub , sounded quite scary… The time necessary to go through “Get Info” on close to 500 movies one at a time to recover all the information seemed quite prohibitive.

Funny. I organize my DVDs by “The” … Its part of the title so it should be organized that way.

I acknowledge that alot of people prefer to remove THE. I dont know why. Giving us the option to enable/disable would be great. Customers love options.