Suggested features

Here are my two suggestions for brevity. Below is some of my reasoning.

  1. Log entries I can easily check to see if and when file backups have successfully completed.
  2. Email, or better yet, SMS messages for successful and failed backup operations.


I appreciate your information.

I am using scheduled backups. I know and can confirm using file properties when the backups start.

I find it very hard to believe that your product does not log the single most important event in your system: the successful completion of a file backup, which is the primary function of your software.

Am I wrong in this? Your software backs up files. Yet, there is no positive confirmation in any log you produce that your software is doing its job.

I am very sure that your software is aware of this event. I suggest that you record this event in an existing, or even better, new log for the user to check and enjoy these successful completions. I would certainly enjoy this because I run the backups overnight while I sleep. And, every morning I check the MyBookLive drive for the new files to have appeared.

I have other backups that create the disk image files that I backup to MyBookLive. That software is capable of sending me an SMS text message for every file it backs up. I really enjoy seeing these messages.

It is not clear why your software cannot do the same. It has no problem sending email to me when the network goes down. I would really appreciate it if your software could do the same for successful backups. These are much more important to me, seeing as your software fails to backup files on occasion without nary a peep. Leaving me to be disappointed in the mornings when these failures occur. I have to reinstall your software to get it to ‘see’ these ‘new’ files.



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My recommendation make this suggestion on our ideas board, so it can be voted up and be seen more users. Here is a link to our ideas boards: 

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