Suddenly Win7 PC cannot access WDLive Hub Anybody have any ideas why or how to fix?

No changes to PC or WDLiveHub, just suddenly my PC changed the name of my network from Familynamenet to Network… thereafter I cannot upload to my WDLivehub.

BTW, I see the WDLiveHub is discontinued… does anyone have a suggestion for a replacement?  I want the HDD because there are 3 other family members who share our network, and if I stream from my PC to the TV, they are going to be toasted.  I want to play from a HDD onto my TV, basically.  The WDLiveHub is (was?) perfect.  Thanks

I reset the network share thingy, and it seems to work.  Sorry for the distraction.

I am still interested, please, in suggestions on how to replace my TV-playing-from a HDD rather than streaming over my network.  I read you can plug a USB stick into a simple WDLive… is *that* the solution?  When I tried that with a USB HDD, it took hours and hours and hours for the WDLive to register it’s contents.  And it did that each time one program ended and i wanted to select another…

You could get a network drive, like a WD MyCloud, put your media on it and share it over the network to several WD Live devices. Be pretty close to what the Hub does.