Suddenly stopped Working

Hi, I got my WDTVLive on Christmas and have been using it on the same Beamer ever since with the same Hardrive. Worked fine until today…i’ve never touched the frimware nor has it ever been connected to the Internet or network just the harddrive via USB.

Watched a movie on it yesterday…

Tried starting it today the light came on then the ligth for the USB port came on as well  but no signal detected from the Beamer…tried the HDMI Cabel on our Sat reciever (with the Beamer) worked fine. Rebooted everything=> nothing

pressed that little reset button on the side ==> nothing worked…

Please if someones had similar problems or is able to help on any other way…



Beamer ?

Oh sorry, that’s the German word for it, i think it’s called a cinema Projector??? in English.

Same kind of thing happened to me, kind of. It worked good for about a week, then one morning I turned it on and got an input error(invalid format) from my LG TV. Nothing I did would get it to work. I think it has to do with the HDMI connection, either the cable, the WDTV live, or the TV. However, since I watch mainly (less than quality) rips, I went back to composite and the stereo inputs and it works ok, at least so far and looks quite good on a 47 inch screen.

My media player worked fine for about 3 months. Now it will not work on the hdmi. I have tried the reset. I tried the composite cables. When I reset it it will show a picture for about 5 secs then my tv shows no signal. When I hit the reset it does it again.