Suddenly not seeing DLNA servers

For about a year, my Live Plus has flawlessly accessed the DLNA server on my computer, both Serviio and TVMobili. Starting last week, however, it doesn’t see them at all. I can’t access them. The connection’s fine and I can see the WD in my network. I’ve tried a factory reset, but that didn’t help. Any ideas on why this might have suddenly occurred?

By any chance have you run any updates to  Serviio and TVMobil? Or perhaps the installation of a security software, like a firewall or antivirus may be interfering.

Nothing changed with the DLNA servers, but your questions prompted me to check my router’s settings, and sure enough it was suddenly blocking the WD for some reason. I excluded the WD’s IP and all’s good now. Thanks for your line of inquiry. It helped!