Suddenly no sound


I just hooked up my WD TV LIVE on my network, been using it for 2 months without the network…anyway, I have 1.02.21 firmware, and the device says it has the latest firmware…is this correct? If so, can I downgrade cause it was working fine on the original firmware. Menus were in 1080p, now they are looking strange with 480p.

Here is the real problem, today I was listening to music on my PC, I then switched to a TV programme cause of the world cup and all…and then switched back to WD TV LIVE for some more music…and no sound. Not on youtube, not on .avi files, mkv, mp3…none. Turned off, both TV and WDTV, restored to factory settings (that is wierd cause after I restore i still have the latest firmware)…still no sound. TV is working fine, also there are no problems with the files…i tryed like 100 of them.

I am hooked up to my Bravia thorugh a HDMI cable, has been working fine for 2-3 months. 

Did you try a POWER reset?   Unplug the box and plug it back up?  

A Factory Reset won’t UNDO a firmware change.   Yes, 1.02.21 is the latest “Production” firmware.  There’s a Pre_Release 1.03.24 out, but the WD won’t see that.  You have to manually update to that.

Coupled with the fact that you say the menus are in 480p, it sounds like an HDMI handshake issue, but I won’t swear to it…

Yes, i have unplugged the device from it’s power supply, no change. 

I can’t understand how it could be HDMIs fault, i have been using HDTV for over 100 hours with no sound problems through HDMI.

Before it was hooked to the network, menus were in 1080p, updated it, they were in 480p, did a reset to factory settings, back in 1080p and now they switched back to 480p and the sound is gone. 

Is there an option to downgrade firmware or something?


Tryed to unplug it from power source again, this time, sound came back with 1080p menus…I guess I will have to plug and unplug every now and then…hope that the new firmware releases soon and it will fix this–>still positive it is a firmware issue. A I sad, nothing else changed other that I have hooked up my device to the network and updated it. 

Devices like this push the limited hardware to the max. Having to unplug the power once every couple of months to force it to fully reset and cleanly boot up is no big deal and is likely with any similar device. You seem upset that this happened and it sounds like it had 1 hiccup in many months of service.

Unfortunately, your situation sounds just like mine.  Although I upgraded from the WDTV Live to the Plus as the Live was acting erratically.  My Live Plus is now connected thriugh component as HDMI audio just completely stopped working.  Do a quick google search or take a look in the ‘general discussion’ area of this forum.  Known issues with several TV manufacturers and of course, both blame each other.  Point is: In my situation, every other HDMI source through my LG TV works great.  I emailed tech support @ WD and of course, not a word back.   Some members report trying a different HDMI cable with success- I tried this as well.  Nothing- It only produces audio /video through component on my tv.  Good luck

Yes, many months of service, one hicup…i was upset, cause at first even the unplugging did not help and I ran out of ideas. 

If that is all that it takes to make it work, to unplugg it every now and then, i gladly accept. As long as I don’t have to unplugg it evertime I try to use it.

Thanks for the help everyone.