Suddenly NO sound on WDTV Player


was happily watching last night.  Fired up WDTV this morning and amazingly no sound on same movie.

checked version on firmware and settings.  did they release a new upgrade over night?

any help would be appreciated.

Have you tried using another cable to connect the WDTV or connecting it to another TV? 

Same issue using Vudu. Watched two movies one night. Next evening go to Vudu to play movie - no sound. No sound from TV (hdmi), no sound from reciever (optic link). Check settings audio is in stereo - nothing speacial no changes.

I end up unplugging my USB HDD - music, unplug the WD TV Live unit. Off for 30 seconds. Ruplug everything - It works.

Next morning - AGAIN NO SOUND! I don’t know what is going on but it is getting frustrating t osay the least. I don’t watch movies/TV from Vudu in HDX or HD even as I don’t want to see any buffering issues. I playing them back in SD with a connection that is able to playback HD.

So what is the issue with the sound? How can it work fine for two day. Start just failing everytime the unit is turned on and then when restarting - practically RESETTING - it works. Is a buffer not flushing? Is Vudu and firmware just out of sink??

Any suggestions other than checking a wire would be helpful.

peterchristo wrote:
did they release a new upgrade over night?

You would have noticed cause there would’ve been a message. The WDTV does not update automatically.