Suddenly just wont connect to Mac

Hello, for some reason my iMac has decided it doesnt want to connect to my hard drive… it just says connecting… and thats all, the hard drive makes noises like something is going on though,

i connected it to my pc and that picked it up fine and i could get into all of the files, but my iMac just wont do it, just connecting… and thats all

it started about 2 hours ago, i was in there fine, went to open a file and it wouldnt open, so i came out of it all together to go back in and it wont go back in at all, and because these things can only be used as either pc or mac, it will be a paid to have to buy another one, and send all the data of this onto my pc, then onto my imac, then onto the new one, as there about 450GB used up

any ideas? i need to get to images etc for my Photography work


If you make a manual connection to it via either smb or afp (afp://devicename.local or smb://devicename.local) does the connection complete properly?

Nope, nothing, that hasnt worked either…

ive also tried wireless connection and direct eithernet connection

just… connecting… and thats all

the pc picks it up fine though :-/ grrrrrr

i left it “connecting” for 2 hours straight last night also after i posted on here, still nothing

im off to buy a new one but would like to get this resolved incase it happens again as its such a pain in the **bleep** and is going to really bug me, and would be handy if i can continue to use this… i cant even wipe it to reformat it for the mac

i dont understand why it would just start doing this for no particular reason

I have the very same thing but I have just upgraded to 10.7.3 on my MAC

It was working two weeks ago on 10.7.2, I came back for a couple of weeks away and promply upgraded the Mac to 10.7.3 and I can no longer connect. Could this be the same circumstances as yourself ??



I wish i could say yes so it could be a simple comparability issue but as far as I’m aware i haven’t had a recent update over the past few days… Thing is I was in there, looking for a file when it decided it just didn’t want to work on my mac anymore… I’ve bought a new one, only a 500Gb as they’ve all gone up in price! I got my Tb one for £80 last year, now the 500Gb one is £80 … Ouch, I’ve only had the Tb one for 8 months… Anyway I also bought some Cloud space which is a Tb for £30, not that I’m happy with that as I like to keep stuff at home, not on a server somewhere… Anyway Ive just realised that uploading to Cloud is nowhere near the speed of uploading to a hard drive via USB… Big Cloud issue, as all Internet providers give you for example 20mb download speed but only 0.3mb upload speed!! … I have 35,000 files which I need to store, it’s taken me 9hours so far to upload around 1000 files, gaaahhhhhh!!! All because this **bleep** thing just won’t connect with my iMac for no reason at all… Soooooo frustrating any other ideas as to why it just won’t? Could really do with the data on my Mac like… Tomorrow :-/ it’s all really important data, I would put it from my hard drive to the PC to the mac, but, I only have one either net port, and I don’t have a normal USB head to normal USB head lead… That’s another thing I thought was odd about this WD hard drive it doesn’t have a mini USB port…