Suddenly I cannot backup to Passport from my new Mac

I purchased a new MacBook Pro in late 2019. I have done a backup before, but admittedly it has been awhile, but there was no problem. This morning I plugged my Passport into the USB hub that is connected to one of my Mac’s thunderbolt connections. I get the message Time Machine couldn’t complete the backup to “Time Machine MacBook Pro”. Two of the disks to back up have the same name. Rename one of the disks named “Macintosh HD - Data”. I have removed one of the 2 disks that were showing. However, I am still getting the same message. I am running MacOS Catalina Version 10.15.5. Any suggestions? I really don’t want to have to buy another drive.

The drive was my backup for my last MacBook Pro.

A few common causes are a bad or incorrect cable, using a USB hub may not provide enough power for the drive. You may connect the drive directly to a USB port of different computer to isolate the issue.

Thank you. I believe it’s the thunderbolt adapter that I purchased to work with my new MacBook Pro. I went back and read reviews and the one I purchased doesn’t have enough power for the WD Passport.