Suddenly cannot connect via explorer

Everything was working fine with the device until this morning when I could not see the drive from Windows Explorer from any of the PC’s in the house. The mapped drive was there but did not connect.

I had to unplug/plug it from the power and then it came up fine.

What can be done to prevent this from happening because I don’t want to go to the basement every few days and do this?


were you able to ping the IP of the drive when this happened. Try that next time it happens.

There seems to be an issue, i think, at least with the latest firmware that drive goes into a dead, non responsive state until you power cycle it. Has happened to me and atleast another poster on ths forum

I hope WD is taking a note of this.

I have this problem as well it appears it may be caused by the software update to latest version I have tried fixed address and excactly the same thing  keeps happening. power recycle is a cure but it cant be doing the drive any good 

I was having this problem intermittantly yesterday, then the drive bricked today after copying 90% of my data to it.  Glad I did not wipe the old drive yet. I was planning to copy all music, video, jpgs and docs over to the mycloud  then reformat my old 2tb drive and use it as a secondary backup.  Oh well,  back to the store and i will look at better alternatives.    I had hoped by the product description that WD had done something right, but doesn’t look like it now.