Suddenly appear Smart Wave Unlock Password is not vaild message

I’m Western Digital My Passport(750GB) of user.
Suddenly Smart Wave will appear in the password is not valid.
Have used the past two years, was continued without a password change, data copying, but suddenly had an error occurs.
Since then the password is not valid in the Smart wave will appear.
Situation in which critical data is backed up as the formatting is not possible.
A way to unlock the password, please let us know when.

WD recommanded just Reformat HDD.

But, I have really lot’s of important Data. So, I really can’t just reformat. I think this problem is not my fault.

But. WD said just “WD didn’t provide data recovery service, no repairing, no testing on any faulty drive”

I really want to know, How can I solve Smartwave’s Password Problem.

Any body help me.

Try a different user account like the guest account or another PC. That’s about it.


you’re pretty much hosed.  if you were copying data like I think you’re saying, and then got an error, you may have corrupted the drive sector the password was stored at.  next time please have your data on more than one drive.