Sudden slowness

Hi All,

I’ve recently just bought a WDTV Live unit, and upgraded the firmware to the latest version.

All works well, except that I now have the following issue at times:

I’m watching something (.MP4 or .AVI) and everything is fine. Suddenly, after say 15 or 20 mins of great viewing, the video will suddenly go mute and the pictures starts playing a little bit faster than normal.

This sux, and happens randomly.

Please help.

I just read a thread on the board here regarding overheating. I am experiencing much of the same issues as you. I am going to try and log the heat coming from the unit when I get a chance but it seems like a plausible explanation. (I have the same issue with a router I have; it warms up and then I lose my wireless signal).  Mine sits on a shelf under the TV in a basement that is never too warm or cold but … I am going to separate it further from any other equipment.

Well, I doubt that heat is my issue, as I have my unit and wifi in the middle of the floor away from everything else. Also, I;ve had times where I’ve successfully played many hours of videos without any issues whatsoever, so it can’t be heat.

I think it could be the video codecs on the firmware…maybe?

Depending on what format the movies are in, this could be a manifestation of a known issue.   MKVs and VOBs especially.

Regardless of location, as I had my unit isolated in what should have been a well ventilated area, the unit still got very hot.  When the unit does this, try putting a fan on it, directing the wind through one side of the unit, and out the other.  Give it a minute or so to remove some of the heat, and see if the problem continues.

The files I was playing was NOT MKVs and VOBs, they were .MP4 and .AVI.

Heat is also not an issue, as yesterday, after work, I tried to play some MP4 files, and it started off well, however, after less than 5 minutes, the no sound and slowness started. I doubt the unit would get how is less than 5 minutes man.

I feel it might have something to do with wireless USB maybe?

I’ll cable it up tonight and try and see if the problem continues…

Did using a wired connection resolve this issue for you?