Sudden failure of 2: Caviar Re WD3200 & Caviar WD2500 despite SMART pass!

I have these two internals on one comuter, alongside another Caviar Blue 320 GB.

The two are connected through IDE to the MoBo Gigabyte GA-P43-ES3G (info), while the Blue one is connected through Sata.

The two are like 3 years old. S.M.A.R.T is available on them, and it was reported to be good.

some days ago, during this unusual very hot weather, when I booted my PC, one of the HDDs started to sound a strange sound, which I would say is the sound of a HDD trying to start up operating, but eventually failing. Every 10-15 seconds the sound is heard from the same HDD, and that same HDD was not recognized by the PC. For the most time, the boot process itself did not continue and Windows 7 did not load because of this lag/failure.

At one occasion, Windows 7 did boot up successfuly, and I ran SMART, quick, and extended tests on the HDDs by WD and Seagate diagnosis tools. None of them reported any problems with the HDDs, and they both passed the SMART tests.

Yet now they both are not operating, and I cannot boot into Win7 unless I disconnect them both.

That crackling sound seems to be coming out of the WD 320 only, but now the other 250 one is not functioning for most of the time.

The newest Caviar Blue 320 GB disk is operating with no problems. It has the OS on it.

I tried switching their IDE cables, did not change anything.

I took them out and put them for a long time in cooled room , and put them back in the PC , did not help.

These contain a seriously important materials for me. Please help me in this.


CUrrently, only the 320 GBs one is not functioning. The problem seems to be occuring necause and with it only, not the other 250 GBs one.

I am desperate for help !! Please !

sorry mate

i cant help you

like i, more people read this but cant help

lets wait for another user

i would try put your drive in the freezer (well protected) for about 3 hours and try to recover the data if the hd starts

thanx for the support,  I dont think freezing the HD will help. I tried that one upon a time in the past and it never helped. Besides, freezing it risks the data more than the current state of the HD does.

I dont understand why no body of WD replies… is this not important, their clients interest?

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thanx. Ive contacted them