Success! ...mostly

THANK YOU to the posters on this forum.  I’ve been actively lurking here for the past 3 weeks since getting my WDTVLH and the information here has been very helpful, starting with the password on page 70? in the manual that i never got with my hub (not even on CD).  Overall, while this has been a bit of a steep learning curve for me, the end result thus far is better than I had hoped for.  I love my WDTVLH!

There are a few things left to work out however;

  1. Fast forwarding through some larger MKV files results in lost picture when playback is resumed.  Since I’m not the only one with this problem I’m hoping one day there will be a fix.

  2. Lost network shares.  This is probably more learning curve as I just switched everything over to Windows 7 from XP where the shares were working fine but streaming was in issue.  Worthwhile trade off for me.

  3. The Media library seemed like a good idea at first but with almost 500GB of music alone…well, I’ll stick to good file naming conventions and folder structures for now.

  4. Twonky server now works well on my LAN (although pointless? since the Hub shows up as a media device in Windows 7) but alas, I can only access the front end of Twonky over the Internet through a mapped port.  Beyond that, all the links are 192.168.x.x.  If anyone knows of a way around this without giving the Hub a public IP address I’d certainly be grateful.

Finaly, and I know it’s been said many times, a web browser sure would be nice although then we’d all want wireless mouse capability too.

Thanks again all.  I’m off to watch some streaming vids. :smileyvery-happy:

Ray -

Good to see you’re enjoying the product.

Regarding the pointlessness of Twonky between the WDTVLH and your W7 PC, sure you can call it pointless or redundant.  But what if you want to access the music stored on your WDTVLH from your DroidX out in the garage?  Point being, in the context of a PC to WDTVLH connection, Twonky might not be your first choice.  But Twonky’s value is derived from streaming (and beaming) to and from any device with Twonky on it and that’s not just PCs.  Phones, tablets, other thin servers.

BTW - Have you been to the Twonky forums?  They probably have an answer to your ‘access from internet’ question.  That question wasn’t real clear to me.  I don’t see where/why D-DNS account wouldn’t work.  If you care to make it ■■■■■-proof :slight_smile: I’d be happy to take another try/llook at the question.

Again, glad there’s another WD smile out there!!!



But what if you want to access the music stored on your WDTVLH from your DroidX out in the garage?

Point well taken.  I’ve been so busy with the Hub and PC’s that I hadn’t even considered other devices so now I’m streaming music to my crackberry while typing this message just cuz i can.

Good advice on the Twonky forums too.  After a quick look over there it looks like it shouldn’t be too difficult to setup DDNS for this.