Subtle Vibration in ISO Playback

Hi Folks.

I have a problem playing back an ISO; the defect (as it were) is a slight, but noticeable vertical vibration/jitter during playback.  Audio is fine (heck, audio is awesome - it’s Monster’s Inc. cranked out at 1,000 watts :slight_smile:  ).

The birth of the ISO goes like this…

Monsters Inc DVD—>DVDFab (XP)—>Monster’s Inc ISO complete with VIDEO_TS—>moved to hub over hardwire e-net.

I did in fact disable DLNA Server in the network settings on teh WDTVLH.

I am ripping and stripping Toy Story now to see if the problem can be reproduced.

I haven’t done my homework to see what the delta between DVD5 and 9 is, but I’m guessing it’s a capacity modulator for different DVD capacities.

Any help greatly appreciated.



For those watching the soap opera, the below worked and played flawlessly…

Toy Story DVD—>DVDFab (XP)—>Toy Story ISO complete with VIDEO_TS—>moved to hub over hardwire e-net.

But Monsters Inc vibrates.  I know this is beyond silly, but I’m going to put the DVD in the player and watch a few minutes of it.  I’m also going to try the identical process on another machine.  Every other ISO I’ve made is perfect and plays as expected.

Anyone know if you can use your DVDFab License on up to x PC’s?  I know I can do a trial on my laptop.



Same problem:

DG -

Thank you for that.  I also have Handbrake and have used it to create mp4’s/m4v’s.  I have yet to create a Matroska, but looks like you’ve given me all I need settings wise to try it in Handbrake.

I’ve got DVDFab ripping again, but this time on one of our ThinkPads.  I believe it is possible that if we cook the turkey in another oven, it could come out with a different flavor despite the same ingredients.

Don’t know if you’re a score keeper, but I don’t know if I can accept that as a solution; work around yes, but solution usually implies definitive root cause and ICA (irreversible corrective actions).

If you care about the points, holler and I’ll click the accept as solution in a nanosecond.

Again, thank you for the reach out!!!



Re-ripping an ISO with different HW made no difference.  MKV with the recommended settings produced a perfectly awesome looking video and 5.1 channels of glorious audio.

BTW - If it helps anyone after me, this problem seems to be more popular when the source - the real source at creation - is CGI.  Searching outside of this forum yielded that info for me.  Not saying it ain’t here somewhere.  Just a piece to the puzzle.

Thanks again.



It’s strange with that movie (Monsters inc).  I may try to submit something to WD about this, but I do not expect much out of it.  I have 197 (well, 196 now) ISO images on a drive for the kids.  Everything from Cars, How to Train Your Dragon, Finding Nemo, but this is the only one I had a problem with.  I haven’t decided yet, but I may convert all the movies over (not TV shows though, I like the menu nav).  It seems to cut the movie size to about 40% on average, I like to regain some storage on the device for new stuff.