I have read the manual, I have a directory with video files and identical named related sub files, with srt extension. No problem on my pc to reproduce them, no way with the WDTV Play to activate subs with alla of those files.

I start the video but when I play “option” to activate subs, the menu misses of any line referred to subtitles (I just see “reproduction” “synchronisation”, etc)-

In the general menu subtitles are activated. The firmware is the latest one.

Any suggestion, but to send it back to Amazon?



Where are your video and srt files. On an attached usb disc or on a network drive? If on a network drive its possible that the media server is not serving the srt files.

Indeed they are in a network drive with Windows 7, the file are placed in the ‘video’ shared directory. How should I work around the problem? Tnx

Play will read only external subs from USB connected drive. Media servers will not stream external subs.

Solution is - Use mkvemerge to merge srt file with video.

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tnx for the information but… is this a limit of WD TV Play only or, in general, for any kind of mediaplayer that tries to read video with .srt associeted on a external local network location?

To my knowledge, it’ s limitation of all media servers. So far I haven’t found any other way.

It’s a limitiation of the server, alright. But usually DLNA servers can play back external SRTs. If yours doesn’t, get another cause the Play cannot access files via network shares.