Subtitles + YouTube


I am watching a TV Series that is completely available on youTube

however, I would like to see it with subtitles and these youtube videos dont have any

subtitles are separately available online in SRT format

currently is use JustSubPlayer on my winXP laptop to overlay these subtitles onscreen in real-time as youtube video plays in the background ,…and I manually sync the video and subs, both at the beginning of the video and evrytime i have to pause

i was wondering if WDTV can help me watch these videos on my Tv instead, along with subs

any ideas?

one idea i have is to “download” all these youtube videos (using the DownloadHelper plugin of Firefox) and put them on the hard disk attached to my WDTV live SMP

and then place the SRT files with the same filenames in the same folder

Not sure if WDTV supports SRT or other subtitle formats as a separate file

any idea?

thanks in advance!

downloaded MP4 from YouTube

copied this to the USB HDD attached to the WDTV device

put the SRT files with same filenames as the videos in the same folder

and the native “Videos” player on WDTV plays them perfectly along with subs

problem solved for now

do let me know if you have any ideas for this that does not invlve manually downloading each file and copying them to the HDD

in other words, can I force it to show a local SRT file as overlay on top of a youtube video?

WD Does support the subtitles as a separate file

The Youtube subtitles are not the players problem though… This will depend if the subtitles are available on the video you are playing or not.

The workaround you use seems to be the right choice