Subtitles with "sub" extenssion would not work

I have muxed some “srt” files with MKV and are playing nicely with subs.

Since I can not mux MKV with SUB, I placed the file in the same folder, both files, MKV and SUB have identical name but when playing the subtitle is not shown. If I go in Options, in the sub part, it can not find the subtitle. Why it can not use the sub file. In the manual it is said that sub extension is recognized. Please help or advice me.

just change the extension…

If these are “vobsub”-style subtitles, I believe you need two subtitle files: .sub and .idx. Having just the .sub file alone will not work.


No it is not the sub that requires idx. I will try to rename it to srt and get back. The thing is that in the specs, the sub file should be recognized.

As far as I know, .srt and .sub files are formatted differently. While .srt file is text-based (you can use any text editor to view/edit its contents), .sub is bitmap-based containing the images of the subtitles (each text line in the .srt is converted into an image and stored in the .sub file).  Those images in the .sub file is indexed by the corresponding .idx file. In short, you need to have either a single .srt file or a combination of .idx and .sub files for any video player to display subtitiles.  .srt is preferable because it’s a single file and very small in size,  but if it contains extended characters to support accents then the WDTV cannot dislay them properly - in that case we need to convert the .srt to .sub (and .idx) for the WDTV to simply display the images of subtitles.

That’s incorrect. Officially the Live supports

srt <- text based, simple

sub <- text based, more fancy

Inofficially also

Vobsub = idx/sub <- bitmap based

Having said that I’m not sure why a (text) sub should be impossible within MKVs.

I have the same problem with .sub subtitles. None of them are showing for any video. srt subtitles work fine… please help anyone found a solution for this? sub should be supported so I do not understand what is the problem.

Not a solution but a work around

There are ways to convert .sub to .srt.

It may be worth to batch convert them and  have them work and enjoy your media.

As has been said the quickest thing to do is to convert them, otherwise you will just frustrate yourself by constantly saying that they should be supported.

The Subtitle Workshop (freeware) can convert from and to many different formats and it has a batch convert.

The problem is that .sub is an extension to a number of subtitle formats. Which format are your subtiltles in and which one is supported by the WDTV Live or any.

DVDSubtitle (*.sub)

MicroDVD (*.sub)

MPSub (*.sub)

Philips SVCD Designer (*.sub)

Sofni (*.sub)

SonicDVD Creator (*.sub)

SubSonic (*.sub) 

SubViewer 1.0 (*.sub)

SubViewer 2.0 (*.sub)