Subtitles ... SRT Please help

I have just replaced my WD Tv Live with this new one. But … it wont show any srt subtitles???

I dont have that problem with the WD Tv Live.

All my subs are in SRT format and all work file

I keep my sub & movie in the same folder and also name the srt file with the same movie name e.g

Movie : Thor


Hopefully this should work for you also :smiley:

Just found out … The subtitles work when its on a USB-HD but not over my lokal network. And then i tried to open the movies with the “File” optionts, but i seems that the WD freeze when I try to open the movie directory…

Any one know whats going on??

For me it also works over my local network. It should also work with Media Servers cause they usually support SRTs.