[Subtitles] Only one line displayed


I’ve a movie for which subtitles are in a *.sub file and formatted like this:


Wait![br]Take us with you!

Wait![br]Take us with you!

The [br] tag is to indicate to go to the line (I think it’s common use in subtitles formating).

However, only the first line is displayed when playing the movie ! (i.e. I can only see “Wait” in here above example)

I tried this with firmware 1.01.17  and 1.02.21, I still have the problem.

Any idea how to fix this ?

Thanks !

Howdy.  Welcome aboard.

Do you have other .SUB files that DO work the way you expect, meaning multiple lines work?

From the Wikipedia articles on Subtitles, none of the .sub extensions are for formats that support styled text, but I’m not too familiar with Text subtitle formats…

I wouldn’t be surprised if WD only partially supported SUB as they did with SRT ignoring all tags. That said, converting to SRT with Subtitle Workshop still might help cause multiple lines are supported.