Subtitles not working

Just got the WD TV LIve Hub up and running.  Streaming meadia from a NAS device.  Audio and video are fine.  In fact, I can change the audio via the ‘audio’ button with no problem.  But, when I press the ‘subtitle’ button, it’s as if the button doesn’t work.  Nothing is happening.  I played around with the settings to automatically put subtitles on when playing…no change.  I made sure to play movies both by clicking play while on the VIDEO_TS folder and I also tried selecting one of the individual files within VIDEO_TS.  Neither way would allow me to select subtitles.  I tried many different movies and still no luck.

FYI…if this wasn’t apparent, these are standard DVD files…VOB files.

Thanks for any suggestions.

You say you’re using a NAS, so I’m assuming you’re using “Network Shares” to access it, not “Media Servers.”

DVD Subtitles should work just fine on the Hub.   Almost all of my content is DVD-based, so I’m confident saying Subs work just fine.

Let’s rule a couple of things out (and sorry if they sound stupid, but things like this happened!)

1-  You’re NOT using Media Server (DLNA or UPnP)

2-  Your DVD Rips actually HAVE subtitles

3-  Make sure you give it time to actually display the subtitles.  It can take a few seconds or so during active dialog. 

4-  You’re not interrupting the subtitles by interacting with the progress bar or menus.

Also try activating them THROUGH the menu;  during Playback, hit the OPTIONS menu and select subtitles from there.

My NAS does have DLNA streaming capabilities and that is what I selected for viewing the movies from the Live Hub.

So are you saying that DLNA will not support/stream the subtitles? I am at work right now, so I cannot test this.

Thanks for your help.

That’s right.   DLNA won’t stream EXTERNAL subtitles (Subtitles that are in a different file), but it WILL support them if they are muxed into the video file as a separate track (MKV is the best example of that.)

I’m also guessing that your DVDs don’t have menu support via the streaming, right?

While watching NetFlix, I can not get the subtitles to turn on and work.  What am I doing wrong?