Subtitles not working on MBL + LG SmartTV (DLNA Media Server)

Technical Information

MyBookLive 02.42.03-027 : Core F/W

DLNA Media Server Version:

I got My Book Live 3TB some days ago and it isn’t showing the subtitles (.srt) when I look my videos in my SmartTV LG 55LM7600.

I tried using other Media Server (Plex Media Server) on my Laptop (Windows 7) and all the videos and subititles works well, using MBL like a storage disk.

Thanks in advance for your colaboration.

Hello and welcome, 

Are you accessing the My Book Live via network share or media server? If you are using the media server try with network share if possible. 

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Hi Ichigo …

I’m accesing the MBL via Media Server as you can see in the image:

I don’t know how to create the Network Share and then access it from my LG TV, can you explain me please.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Hi gugonzar, that is something that you need to verify with the TV manual, not all TV’s allow you to access shared folders. You can also try going back to the Twonky media server to see if you get better results. Check the link below for the steps.

How to update the firmware on a My Book Live or My Book Live Duo