Subtitles no longer working via Playback Media Server

Hi guys,

Bought the new WD TV Live Streaming Media Player yesterday and subtitles don’t seem to work when playing media via Playback ( stremed from my Mac.

This used to work perfectly with my previous version WD TV Live.

Any ideas or should I return it and revert to my old player?

Have you try contacting Yazsof? I have used several software like this with the new WD TV and I have no issue what so ever, they might need you to change some of the settings of the software.

I’ve posted to the Yazsoft forums and still waiting for a response.

I tested the exact same environment with the older version of WD TV Live and it streams perfectly with access to subtitles.

Now I’m wondering whether it’s a WD thing or a Playback thing…

Thanks for the response