Subtitles loading


I am using the WDLIVE version since a month, and am very happy with the gadget.

Can anyone tell me how to load / activate the ENGLISH subtitles while playing the movie through the WDLIVE.

The downloaded content has the subtitlefile, but when I copy it to the EXT.HARD DISC, and play it through the WD I do not get the subtitles. Any specific reason for that ?  On the contray there were some files in the downloaded movies which had no subtitle files, in it and still  the WD exhibited the subtitles (Surprised…)

Will be highly thankful if I would be tutored step-by-step method in enabling the subtitles.

Thanks and regards


I’d be grateful too for any help with this problem. I have a lot of foreign movies and would very much like to watch them on WDLIVE . I’ve added the .srt files to .avi, m4v and .mov files but nothing seems to work.

Hey there, you probably need to rename the subs. Same name as video, if the file is named video.avi, subs must be named video.idx or whatever format you’re using.

Hi Dimse,

I went throgh your suggetion for renaming the subtitle file. But to be sure I have illustrated below, just tell me if I got it right.

A movie file by the name of THE BIRDS which is MPEG-4 should be renamed for subtitles as THE BIRDS.MPEG-4

Similarly for CASINO which is mastroka video should be named as CASINO.MATROSKA VIDEO

RAGING BULL which is .avi file should be named as RAGING BULL.avi

But can u enlighten me as to what is XVID in .avi , should I name it as .avi or XVID. Please let me know.

Thanks and regards for the info.


Xvid would be avi

I don’t (want to) know where you get your files from but the proper namings would be




and the subs should be named identically except for the extension.

Hi Techflafws,

Thanks for the help.