Subtitles in Handbrake

This is a weird one. I’ve ripped my District 9 DVD with DVDfab and kept all the audio and subtitles intact. The problem is that District 9 is one of those films that is only partially subtitled, so when I have subtitles off you cant understand what the aliens are saying and if I have them on everything is subtitled, including the english dialogue. If you play the DVD then only the subtitles for the aliens comes up but you are not given this option when choosing from the list of subtitle tracks in the Live menu.

Hope that made sense! Appreciate any tips on how to get round this one.


Okay, what you are talking about is called “forced subtitles” and it is what it sounds like.

The Live doesn’t have the ability to play forced subs only, like a DVD player would.

For a regular DVD (as opposed to a blu-ray) you can look at DVDFab and see if there is any option to rip forced subtitles only.  I’m not familiar with that program so I can’t help you there.  If we were re-encoding this movie with Handbrake (which is what I do with all my films) we’d bring it in and select “forced subtitles” on the subtitle track and “burn-in” to burn them into the main movie and then process it and be done with it.

Otherwise you might check the DVDFab forum for details on how to handle them there (or perhaps someone else here will respond).

From what I’ve read the forced subs in District 9 are no separate stream but are forced items in the regular sub stream. Still you might wanna try this guide to only extract those.

THanks, it woked, I just picked the first English subtitle track and checked ‘forced only’ in Handbrake.