Subtitles Help

Hi, hope you can help me with this.

How can i get my subtitles to show like this “_ El conductor se llama”  _on my tv??

When i play a movie i always get the subtitles like this  El conductor se llama

My  subtitles are SRT Subs.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english

The WD’s have very little capability when it comes to TEXT FORMATTING commands in SRT subs.  Sorry… :frowning:

Are you really saying this bug is back again in the Hub? It was present in the original WD TV until people complained and they fixed it. That means not really fixed but prevented it from displaying , and such tags.

Tech:   Ooops, no, I’m saying that I didn’t know that it used to work.   :slight_smile:   And, I didn’t go test it out again after reading that, so it might be another issue…