SUBTITLES & HD video not working

I take this product 5 days ago and I have a problem on playing HD movies becuse the sound will play before the video and subtitles so they are Not compatible so when I play the video for 1 Minute this problem is appear

2- my 2ed problem is the subtitle is not appear in other language it appear in english language only so when I play a video the other language subtitles they will appear like Breaks and brackets and the language dose not appear .

Please note that I put the video file and subtitle file in the same folder and same name with compitable format (SRT) and chang the language option into any language I have such as chinase in setting option

So if you please to look for solution for my problems and note that I found this product has the latest version of update which is ( wdtvlive_1_02_21) .
so I can not update again any more or Relode of update and the product is not working well

Your subtitle files must be saved in UTF-8 format to work correctly.   

thanxxx the subtitles are working 100%

but the sound problem is still there

how can I fix it

How are you hooking your system up?