Subtitles for WD TV Live Hub


I am using the WDTV Live hub Autogenerator v 2.0

It is working great! I only have one problem: I don’t get any subtitles.

Is there a easy way to get subtitles? I’ve tried to download subtitles from different sites, but it does’nt work even though I rename the file to the same as the movie.

Any ideas?


I have no idea what “WDTV Live Hub Autogenerator” is.

I googled it and can’t find out what it is?

You can find some programs like JBierSubDownloader-v2.8.2 its for dutch subs but u can also get english subs on the program works very well.

u can find it on  in the forum section developers.

good luck!

This is the one:

Thanks man, JBierSubDownloader works great :slight_smile: