Subtitles don't work

Hey guys, 

I bought the WDTV media server a couple of weeks ago and I have problems getting my subtitles working. They are normal .srt files, which the box says it supports. The videofile is named EXAMPLE.avi and the .srt file . When I play a movie using the ‘Media Server’ option and I push the ‘Subtitle’ button on the remote it says ‘No subtitles’. Am I missing a step or doing something wrong here? So I’m wondering if anyone knows how I will be able to watch movies with srt subs on my WDTV media server, anyone got an idea?


Are you putting the sub. in the same folder as the movie?

WDTVs don’t support external subtitles via DLNA.

I highly recommend MKVMerge, actually, I use MKVMerge GUI. Use it to add the .srt file into the MKV container. It does much more too. Get the whole MKVToolNix package. I find myself using the extract and merge programs a lot.

i agree with curtswanson … (i highly recommend mkvtoolnix as well)

If you’re a Windows user … here’s a direct download link to mkvtoolnix

version: 6.0.0 (January 20, 2013)