Subtitles don't show in M2TS file with TSMuxer


I created my own file MTS2 with BDInfo and TsMuxer but the subtitles do not appear in the WDTVLIVE, do appear when I see with VideloLan. Could anyone help?

I don’t want rip in MKV.

The most likely cause with the subtitles not displaying on the WDTV is …are they PGS Format ?

If so, they need to be compressed using Zlib compression.

(WDTV needs compressed PGS Subs, VLC in your computer will play compressed and un-compressed)

It’s easily fixed remuxing with MKVtoolnix (and selecting Zlib compression for subs)

… but since you don’t want MKV i’m not sure what to recommend ? sorry.

There is plenty of info on this forum… type PGS Subtitles in the search box above.

I can’t remember off-hand if native PGS subtitles in an M2TS container are Zlib compressed – I thought that was specific to MKV.

But I do know that “whatever” format it is, it plays fine on every BD rip I’ve ever done.

DVD Fab – Rip whole movie.

Use TSMuxerGui – Rearrange / concatenate the M2TS files via the playlist into a single M2TS file.

Plays fine on the 60-70 BD’s I’ve ripped…

Thanks for all info, guys.
TonyPh, you change something in the “Subtitles” option? I use default option.
And I use TsMuxerGui in Mac… I try in Windows.

Same here: TSMuxer rips show subs on the WDTV (and I’m also pretty sure they’re not compressed).


In windows or mac?

Any change in the subtitles option?

I “see” the subtitles alternatives (subtitles 1, subtitle 2) in the OPTIONS video from WDTV, i select, but don’t show anything. 

Right – the options menu on the WDTV only allows you to select a specific subtitle track.

Perhaps (and this has happened to me) your subtitle track is one that contains ONLY *forced* subtitles? 

That’s not uncommon in blu-ray…  Sometimes I have to go looking around to figure out which subtitles are which.

I got some files recently from family (did not rip them myself)

subtitles are on my default on my WD, but for these files, I still had to select them manually after starting playback

subtitle language shows as “Unknown”

maybe make sure in TsMuxer that it knows what language the subtitle is

and I don’t mean in the stream info, if I remember correctly there’s a field where you can set the subtitle language

When I rip with TsMuxer I choose all the PGS files that have English. I never change any subtitle settings in TSMuxer just choose the English PGS files. These do not have to be compressed to work on the WDTV Streamer. Although some of the files will show Forced Subs, some will show all Subs. I just choose which one I want as the movie starts. I’m a English speaker so I really only need forced subs. All my rips are Bluray.


2.6.12 on Windows.