Subtitles don't play with *.FLV video

Hi all, I bought the WDTVLiveHub because my partner is deaf, and needs the subtitles so we can both watch things together. From what I can see so far, if I place the *.SRT file in the same folder as an *.AVI video file, the ubtitles play ok, but…

If I place the SRT file in a folder with the FLV video, the subtitles are ignored. I know the subtitles work because I’ve used the same FLV & SRT file on a Windows PC with VLC Media Player, and the subtitles play perfectly, so there’s no real reason for this problem other than a bug in the WD Firmware. Since more and more things are being delivered as FLV, this is already enough to think I’ve gone and bought the wrong device for the job.

Can someone comment, or give an idea of when this will be fixed? Thank you.

How are you playing the videos. Are they on the hub hard disc or are you streaming them from somewhere else on your network using a media server?

Hi, thanks for replying. I have tried using the “copy from a network share to the internal drive” feature, so that the WDTVLH picks them up and copies them in its own time, and this doesn’t work. I have tried playing them from a media share by streaming over a (Gigabit) wired LAN, and this doesn’t work. I have tried placing them “manually” on the WDTVLH hard disk via the LAN (in a different folder from the files that are auto-copied) and that doesn’t work either.

More testing has seen me convert the FLV file to an AVI file (tried 2 different converters), and using all the methods above to play the AVI with SRT file, and all I see is “can’t play this type of file” when trying to play the AVI. Although downloaded AVI files seem to work, so I’ll forgive that one for now, BUT…

Please bear in mind that all through this process, I have used the FREE VLC Player, to play ALL of the FLV and AVI files without problems, and every time the subtitles were played too. Starting to think the WDTVLH isn’t “fit for purpose” or just hasn’t been tested enough. For the £150 it cost me, I could BUILD a PC, use VLC, and the most expensive part would be a graphics card with an HDMI output to talk to the TV. Underwhelmed, is the word I’d use so far…

Try copying the flv file to the hubs internal hard disc and then adding the srt file to the same folder. Ensure that the subtitle file has exactly the same file name as the flv file. In short the files must be in the same folder with the same file name.


That’s exactly what I have already done, see previous post. Fails evey time.