Subtitles arent bright enough!

please could anyone help me to fix this silly problem. I cant believe how they didnt think about to make it more brighter than as it is now.  I cant read subtitles when it comes on the white background. Its so annoying. Even my old cheapest divx player works better than this on the subtitle side… I hope it will be fixed with the next firmware.


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Hi there, I was having the same issues and what I did was adjust the contrast on the TV, is the only fix I found for this.

If you are able to convert your Subtitles the nice Programm “SubtitleCreator” should solve your Problem.
You can change the Subtitle Colour with this.

you were wrong… wd cant read edits subtitles, we cant  change the size or the colour cuz i tried with diferents programs, i have the same problem, when the background is white it is impossible read it, for new firmware this is a must change!

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First of all,

As you said we can not use fixed subtitles, and even if we can use them, idont wanna use some extra software to fix them. I dont wanna spend my time to  fix tiny silly problems. 

Its just annoying me kind of solutions. 

Please dont take my anger on you, i am angry with the firmware creators.  Of course if u adjust your tv colors subtitles might readable but at the same time it means u also change your movie colors as well…

So its not a solition. I hope they will fix it as soon as possible.

I m getting regret to buy this product by WD…

I always trust Western Digital company  when i buy something. But now i am just dissapointed. Its shouldent a big deal to change subtitles colors and firmware…

I think everyone should call this numbers for own country and tell those problems to get new firmware…

afterward i believe they will consider our problems…