SUBTITLES are too high positioned in ALL movies

Almost halfway on the screen in the middle of ANY movie.

MKV, with or without srt, does not matter.


hoping for an adjustment TODAY rather than next week or later, (to indicate the AGONY)

Thnx, on behalf of all the users!

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Move them down with the arrow keys.

Why does everyone need to move it down with the arrowkeys while they should be there by default?

Everyone?, are you sure? ;). It’s easy to say you inadvertently moved them up, nobody’s gonna judge you.

On mine they are always in the correct place.   I was under the assumption that you had moved them up without knowing how…    Mine appear in the correct location.

Many people complained about subtitles being CUT OFF on the bottom because their TVs had too much overscan.   I imagine WD tweaked the default up a little bit to prevent that…

Here’s where mine appear:


Thank you for the picture and reaction.

My subtitles are in the middle , i did not change positions or so, just installed the latest firmware.

Never was in the middle before upgrade.

Even when playing a Panavision movie WIDE and VERY small, it overlaps the movie at the bottom by a full line, while almost HALF of the TV screen (54 inch) is black at the bottom.

WDTVLIVE - maybe its box-depended that upgrades go wrong on some box-series… problem remains however with my box.

Can you post a pic?

I can not make a picture, but to indicate what i would see regarding your picture:

(BARRY) subtitle,  would touch the bottom part of the hand with the microphone in it.

I think WD choose the default positioning to match widescreen movies