Subtitles are stuck On

This has been going on for the past couple firmwares. I have Subtitles set to off, yet when I play my MP4s, it displays subtitles when the movie starts and I have to go turn them off. Any ideas?

Ok, two quick questions.

Is this ONLY after a full reboot?

When you Turn OFF subtitles, when you start the NEXT movie do they stay off?

If the answer to BOTH questions is YES, then it’s a known bug.

They are always defaulted to On even though the Video Settings are Off. I have to turn them off every movie I play. It’s very annoying. Never happened until a couple firmwares ago, now they are stuck. I may try wiping out of the device with a b-rad firmware and then reloading the WD firmware.  

Never happened until a couple firmwares ago, now they are stuck.

What subtitle flags have you put into your encodes?  Until recently WD ignored the flags and just used the device’s settings as to whether to show subs or not.

But people complained that they didn’t want the flags ignored.  I was under the impression that the newest  firmware does actually use the flags.

So, if you’ve encoded your files to have the subtitles default to “on”, that could very well be why the subtitles are on.  You probably should have encoded your files with them defaulting to “off” if you wanted them off. :wink:

Well, there’s a little confusion over this depending on what file types you are talking about. IMO the player’s settings should override those of the media files. So if I set it to ON, the sub should come on, no matter what the file says.