SubtitleCreator supports idx/sub subtitle with HD resolution (720p and 1080p)

Hi, I’ve found a program which perfectly convert .srt to idx/sub with HD resolution and i think, it’s really useful for everyone who is not native english since WDTV live did not support all kinds of character encode.

Thanks PETERD.


All you have to do is choosing whether 720p or 1080p button on the right of the main panel, positioned it to the right place with bigger font, selecting the right character encode and other modifications as you wish then, save Vobsub on the File Menu.

This one also works great with WDTV.

For those of us who do not download unknown programs from dubious sources. Here is the link to the website of the developer. (with guide and other info)

Thanks rickUK for reminding me not mentioned the original author of the program on this post

Unfortunately, this lovely program is not supported by the author anymore since 2008 (?) and it is assumed to support only sub/idx for DVD resolution. since it distributed with GNU/GPL license, everyone could modify or make some add ons on it and this one is one of them.

Some specs:

  • Reading .srt file format with UTF8, Unicode. Chosing Format Menu > Character Encode

-Export to idx/sub with HD resolution supported (720p, 1080p)

-Especially supported for WDTV (WDTV’s sometimes missing the outline text)

and finally, take your own risk when using the program.

The program is indeed dedicated for other languages rather than english, and languages which WDTV live supported.

For those who suspected on it, JUST DON’T USE IT ANYWAY :slight_smile: