Subtitle synchronization problem

Synching subtitles should work like this: press the directional arrow (left or right) on the remote and keep this button pressed down until the subtile is synchronized.

However, I have the following problem:

When I do this, I can only synch at intervals of 600ms. When I keep the button pressed down, it will synch 600ms at a time and then stops, showing a red stopsign or something. I then have to let go of the button and repeat this process until the sub is in synch. This is a very cumbersome process and I hope someone can help me to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance. 

Are these external or internal subs?

Because if they were internal, I’d just re-mux the files, adding the right delay to the sub track.

Actually, personally, even if they were external, I’d mux them into the video file with a suitable delay setting.

Then you wouldn’t have to keep playing around with syncing them up every time you play the file.

Thanks. I’m not familiar with muxing, but i’ll look into it. Maybe this is easier than syncing on the WDTV itself. Still, it should be possible to do this on the WDTV without getting this weird stopsign and being limited to intervals of 600ms.

I hope this problem will be addressed in a future firmwareupdate. It used to work without any problems, so i know it’s possible.