Subtitle & Storage Questions

I have two questions about the lastest WD TV Live Hub before I go out and buy.

I have blurays remuxed into MKV files with PGS subtitles embeded made from MakeMKV, will the WD Live Hub play these embeded PGS subtitles in a remuxed MKV file?

Second Question is can you replace or upgrade the internal 1TB storage with more, and if so does it need to be a western digital harddrive?

Those are my two questions any info and help on those topics would be great, thanks!

IIRC, embedded PGS in an MKV will only work if the PGS track is zlib compressed.

The free “mkvinfo” tool will tell you that.   And if it’s not, a quick pass through MKVMerge, enabling zlib compression for the subtitle track, will correct it.

  can you replace or upgrade the internal 1TB storage with more

I don’t believe it’s possible, but I don’t know for sure.

It’s been said that the HDD is replaceable, but as there are few choices in laptop-sized HDDs larger than 1tb you are probably better off with an external USB HD that also makes transferring large video files between the Hub and PC a lot easier than using the network connection.