Subtitle problem

Hello everyone,

First of all, please excuse my English its not my first language. I have a problem with subtitle position, font, size and color. I used to play all my movies animes and TV shows thro PS3 but the problem is that PS3 doesn’t support MKV and subtitle option which is why I have to rencode everything I download to a playable format (while burning the subtitle), so I bought the WD TV live so I can skip the rencoding part. In animes sometimes 2 to 3 lines comes up in the same time

1 for the person whos talking (which is bottom)

2 for the explanation (which is top) some Japanese words cannot be translated so they explain it

3 name of books or stores they always write the translate next to words which most of the time is middle of the screen

4 sometimes 2 characters speak in the same times so they separate their sentence with 2 deferent colors so you don’t mix up everything to gether

now imagine all those shows up in the same time.

This is the closest picture I found similar to my problem


As you can see the words in red square suppose to be in blue square because that’s the explanation part not the actual translation or subtitle (just imagine what will happen if the other girl spoke in the same time)

Burning the subtitle requires to reencode the whole clip, in that case WD did not solve the problem to begin with

I’m not expert in those things but is it really hard to show the original subtitle? Like font color positioning?.

Like mentioned in my WD TV LIVE subtitle issues thread, anime subs (A SS, SSA) arent supported properly.

so it will work properly if i convert A SS and SSA to a playable format?

No, because only these formats provide the features you need like vertical positioning. You could convert to bitmap subs with AVIAddXsubs but I haven’t tried if it imports SSA.