Subtitle problem with : WD TV HD Media Player (WD00AVN)

Hello everyone . first sorry for my bad english !

I bought WD TV HD Media Player (WD00AVN) and I have problems with subtitle …

SRT files completely shows wrong , because my language is persian and It isn’t support . (Sample : زبان پارسی این است)

Then I Converted subtitle to Sub\Idx , It correctly shows but Outline don’t shows and color of subtitle just going to White .

Like This reading is hard :

I want insert outline :slight_smile:

The Firmware version is 1.03.1

There’s a modified version of BDSUP2UB that shuffles the palette colors so you should get your outline.

whether version frimware WD Live to WD TV Media Player Accepted ?

 finally frimware   WD Tv HD Media Player for download please…thx

Techflaws wrote:

There’s a modified version of BDSUP2UB that shuffles the palette colors so you should get your outline.

Thanks :wink:

can you please upload this link elsewhere ? (because in my country any links are filter) :cry:

please upload in

Techflaws wrote:

I was download it and load sub\idx then set palette to : keep existing , then export and tick : Fix WDTV Live Palette bug.

but after i watched on WDTV i saw no difference ! still dont exist outline and color of subtitle going to white (i tried white and yellow)

??? :cry:

As Miklos Juhasz found out and explained on his blog that I linked to above:

mjuhasz :

I came to the conclusion that the media player ignores the opacity value of the last color and sets it to zero causing that color to be transparent all the time. If that color is used

  • for the outline then subtitles show up without outline
  • for the pattern then you can see through the characters
  • for the anti-alias then you can see through the anti-alias part between the outline and the pattern
  • for the background then everything’s fine since the background is already transparent

Since this started on the WDTV LIVE (your device) I always assumed the problem was ported over to the current LIVE SMP and any fix to remedy the situation would work on the old device as well. I find it hard to believe that there should be a different cause and thus fix, especially as I’d tried his BDSUP2SUB version and it worked fine for me on the LIVE SMP before they fixed the bug (and NOT backported the fix to your LIVE).

That said, you might wanna try reordering colors manually in Subtitle Creator (2.3 rc1) till they show up properly on your LIVE.