Subtitle problem with 1.06.16_B


I reported this on the firmware thread a while back, but I have not seen an acknowledgement nor was the bug fixed in the last releases.  So I am starting a new thread to ensure it is not buried.

Since 1.05.04_B, the DVD (iso) subtitle selection menu no longer works properly.  When I press Option and scroll to Subtitle, the choice text (1. English, 2. Whatever…) is either not visible, or only a portion of the word visible on the far left.  We have to guess what subtitle we are choosing.

This bug is not fixed with 1.06.16_B.  I hope this bug gets some attention.  It looks like a simple issue, but it is causing lots of problem for those of us hearing challenged and need subtitle.

Thanks for looking into this.


1.06.15V should be using the same code set as 1.06.16B.

I can confirm that if I use “Options”, that the “subtitle-text-to-the-left” bug is fixed for my .mkv files.

I can also confirm that under 1.06.15V, if I press “Options”, and then choose “Subtitles” while playing a DVD .iso, that the subtitle tracks do cycle, but there is NO TEXT on the screen at all to indicate what language has been chosen.

However, I can still force the DVD to play a chosen language, without having to guess, by selecting the proper subtitle track from the DVD’s menu, instead of through the WDTV’s Options.

Choosing the Audio, however, does work properly.  If I use the WDTV Options (instead of the DVD menu), the choices are on-screen and properly justified, as I cycle through the audio tracks.

Yes, this is exactly the problem I have. I use 1.06.15_V on WD TV Live

And indeed you can choose the subtitle from the dvd menu, but sometimes there is no dvd menu in the dvd-files or .iso.

BUT, when I play the movie using the preview screen, the subtitles can be choosen and you see them cycle. Also the option bar has extended options, like zoom, pan, play mode etc.

Could WD please fix this problem in the next version? Can you place the same options bar on top of the movie as in the preview mode?

The display of cycled streams is messed up. Apparently it has something to do with the MENU feature. However, on DVDs without menu, cycling is still possible, you just aren’t shown what stream you selected.

Indeed that subtitle menu bug is still around for DVD.  From the OPTION menu and select the SUBTITLE menu, you wont see what subtitle is being selected, you have to guess which one it is on.  It does cycle through the available subtitles, you just don’t know what subtitle language is selected.  So you wait till some subtitle text shows up in the movie, and if it is not the right one, try again.

Very annoying particularly for folks like myself with not very good hearing.  So I fell back to 1.04.43.  This one will display the subtitle language being selected.

This is such a simple issue but affecting everyone who is hard of hearing.  I wish WD fixes it.