Subtitle position (horizontal)

Hi everyone!

I’ve been a proud owner of the WDTV Live Hub for about a week now, and very happy with it. :slight_smile: It works fine, plays all my movies etc., however I was wondering if there is an option/solution to fix the horizontal (left-right) positioning of my subtitles. For some reason my subtitles are off-centered (shifted about 2-2,5cm to the left) and I was wondering if this could be changed somehow.

The only option for changing them is vertical. I noticed they were off-center too. Hopefully they will fix it in a future firmware update. Its not too big of a deal, but i’d still like it fixed.

Yeah I used the vertical positioning already and really like it. I don’t know how hard it would be for the developers at WD to either implement vertical positioning or make sure subs are centered, but it would be nice :).

But I guess this means the subs are off center for everyone, or is it a problem with my subs/TV settings?

I have a same problem.I live in Turkey.Many people says we haven’t got a problem like that.What can we do?

Nobody knows? no answer?

Did anybody post this issue in the latest Firmware thread?  That’s where the engineers are going to be looking.

yes. I try with 1.04.31 and 1.04.22 firmware.

I use wd live and sony 46’’ KDL-W5500.

This issue is being looked at right now.

Is there any progress on this issue?