Subtitle font size: even on "Big" they're small :( [WD TV Mini]


on WD TV Mini I go to settings / subtitle font size / select “Big”

but they still are in a small size.

My tv set is a bit distant from the couch. I cannot read in perfect conditions…

Is there any new firmware or any “custom” firmware to this great player?

(I have DVD player Yamada with custom firmware with 5 different sizes of subtitles font)

Please make new firmware with XXXL subtitle font size.


Sammurai @ Lisbon

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They don´t care about us. 

I already made the same claim by email and they said they could not do anything to resolve the problem.

 WD not care about customers.

Until the moment they took no action. 

Only promises.

I posted it last year but no answer. I hope they will solve it and the other problems.

The main problem is there is an outline on the subtitle but very thin and unable to read it on a bright picture.