Subtitle files?

… does wd tv live supports .sub files? … as I understand manual it says sub file are supported, folder contains video file and sub file (same filename), when press option-no subtitle!


How are you playing these files – local folder, net shares or media server?

… shared folder, wired connection PC&WD TV Live

What kind of file is the video file?

… avi file (xvid codec) … nothing special

I’m not a subtitle expert, so appologies if this isn’t right!  :)

.sub is a generic file extension; there can be lots of different formats inside a .sub file.

Is the .SUB file a TEXT file?     In other words, can you open it with NOTEPAD and read it?

If NOT, then it’s probably a VOBSUB file, which is IMAGE-based.   

I *think* you have to have an accompanying .idx file to make those work.

… yes, I opened that sub file in notepad, but there’s no accompanying .idx file, so I guess there’s a problem, but anyway I solved it when save sub file in srt format with subtitle workshop …