Subtitle Bug

Currently ASS subtitles, (when included within mkv containers as soft subtitles to h.264 encoded video), display comment fields contained within braces, {  }, when they should be hidden.  This should be corrected so only the correct text is displayed during playback?

I noticed this as well and agreed that it should be fixed.  It’s very distracting trying to keep up with the subtitles sometimes, especially if there’s ~1/2 a screen of text.

Other Problems with **bleep** subtiles in MKV files is when there’s two lnes that are very close in time, when the second comes, it makes the first disappear instead of putting it above the first!

There’s an Acknowledged post in the Ideas Lab complaining about this exact issue.

Head over there and give it some love if you want to get it fixed; posts in this forum are NOT read by WD staff, so nothing gets done.  

Only threads, comments and votes in the Ideas Lab stand a chance of ever being viewed by someone who is in a position to take action regarding them.

I also want to see proper support for styled subtitles and properly positioned subs.  The WDTV makes a total mess of most anime subs.  :(

So click the link and vote people!